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Buat jangan tak buat 😉

Entry ini dibuat dalam keadaan cepat nak balik   =)

Kecik sangat wording dalam image diatas, jadi saya nak share la kat sini ye


10 commandments of success :

1) Speak to people

There is nothing as nice as a cheerful greeting

2) Smile  =)

It takes 72 muscles to frown – only 14 to smile.

Senyuman itu satu ibadah yang paling senang. So flash out your teeth people!

3) Call people by name

Everyone is pleased when you remember their name (especially your customers!!)

4) Be friendly and helpful

and others will respond to you in like manner

5) Speak and act

as if everything you do were a genuine pleasure

6) Be genuinely

interested in people

7) Be generous

with praise – cautions with criticism

8) Be considerate

with the feelings of others, it will be appreciated

9) Be thoughtful

of the opinions of others, there are 3 sides to any controversies – yours, the other person & the right one

10) Be willing

to give service, what counts most in life is what we do for others.

(especially true to those who are in the service industry like me!!)


There you go people. Praktis jangan tak praktis …

See ya!